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Osoyoos vineyard and mountains

In Search of Different: 4 Unique Okanagan Wines

Watermark sits in the heart of one of the world’s best wine regions. There is so much buzz about the exceptional glacial terroir, distinctive sub-appellations, and unusual fruit that our Okanagan winemakers are cultivating. Our concierge team is well-versed in the styles and flavours of our neighbouring vineyards. We know where to point our guests who are looking for the most awe-inspiring wineries, and those who want to explore the region’s best hidden gems.

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Labour Day in Canada

Labour Day – A Canadian Tradition We Can Really Get Behind

Labour Day is the unofficial end of summer, right?
Not at Watermark Beach Resort!

Here in our South Okanagan paradise, Labour Day offers everyone a chance to celebrate the sunshine. We’ve all worked so hard for this break, after all!

Summer is still in full swing all through September, here in the land of ING.

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Watermark Beach Resort

I Do (Again) – Celebrations of Love at Watermark

We host a lot of absolutely wonderful weddings at Watermark Beach Resort (it really is a magical place), but the truth is, there’s so much more to love and commitment than just one big day. Recommitment ceremonies, vow renewals, and anniversaries are even better down here in this South Okanagan paradise.

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Watermark Beach Resort

Start Your Engines – Area 27 Racetrack

Rev your engines and set your course to the South Okanagan for the ride of a lifetime. A recent addition to the Oliver-Osoyoos landscape, Area 27 is a unique world-class car circuit. Natural, gracious curves. Long, flat runs. Rolling desert hills. Views over vineyards perched high on the Black Sage Bench.

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Wakeboarder Surfs in Osoyoos Lake

South Okanagan Summer Fun

MakING the most of Summer in the Land of Ing
There’s so much happenING down here at the Beach this season!
Ready for your summer escape? Weekends at Watermark are filling up fast –because summer in the South Okanagan is filled with fun!
Coming down to play with the little ones? Making it a besties’ getaway? Just need a little alone time with your partner? This is the perfect place for you.

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large pile of red cherries

Canada Day Excitement at Watermark

What’s red and white, and enjoyable all over? The 71st annual Osoyoos Canada Day Cherry Fiesta! Celebrate the amazing South Okanagan at the region’s oldest continuously-running festival!
The action takes place right on Watermark’s doorstep. This annual community party highlights Canada’s beautiful heritage and the many cultures that call Osoyoos home.

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Father carries sleeping daughter on Osoyoos Lake

Okanagan Fun & Flavour for Father’s Day

Wondering how to show Dad how much you care? Perhaps a tie. Maybe some new socks. How about a heartfelt card? Or maybe with something he’ll actually appreciate. At Watermark, we know what he really wants.
Y-O-U. And a delicious dinner. Treat your father (or step-father, grandfather, or father-figure) to some memories this Father’s Day. Celebrate with him in the beautiful South Okanagan!

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Watermark Beach Resort

Spring in the Land of Ing

Things are stirring around the South Okanagan. The desert sun is shining brightly, and everyone’s come out of hibernation. The orchards are in full pink and white bloom, and there’s a definite feeling of excitement in the air! Winter is well and truly gone, and everyone has donned their bright colours and short sleeves. We’re ready to get out and play!

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Concierge at work in Osoyoos Resort Hotel

Get a Summer Job at the Beach this Year

Wondering how to add to your resume, earn money, and live the amazing Okanagan lifestyle this summer? Watermark Beach Resort in beautiful Osoyoos, BC is hiring! If you’re interested in a career in tourism and hospitality, there’s no better place to get started!

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Wedding arbor on Osoyoos beach

BC Beach Brides – Your Perfect Okanagan Wedding

Ready to begin planning your dream lakeside wedding? You’re engaged! Now comes the fun part. (Admit it, you’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Somewhere, you’ve got a notebook full of wedding doodles…) Maybe you’ve always envisioned a casual, intimate ceremony with only your nearest and dearest. How about all of those daydreams of a splashy, all-out fete with everyone you know? Want to dance until the sunrise, or just walk barefoot in the sand? Want to make the moment last with a weeklong vacation in paradise? The experts at Watermark Beach Resort in Osoyoos can make your lakeside destination wedding stress-free and perfect.

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family reunion osoyoos beacch

9 Tips For Planning A Perfect Family Reunion

No matter how connected we are with our family online through Facebook and other social media channels, there’s still nothing like a classic family reunion to reconnect with loved ones and form bonds and friendships that last a lifetime.

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Osoyoos BC in Fall

New Year, New Experiences

It’s a new year, and the possibilities are wide open. (Coincidentally, so is the sky down here in Canada’s beautiful desert!) Looking for ways to fill your upcoming calendar with

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