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I Do (Again) – Celebrations of Love at Watermark

We host a lot of absolutely wonderful weddings at Watermark Beach Resort (it really is a magical place), but the truth is, there’s so much more to love and commitment than just one big day.

We think there are plenty of reasons to celebrate your perfect pairing, over and over.

Here at Watermark, we’re enthusiastic cheerleaders of all celebrations of love! Which is why we are always ready to welcome back brides and grooms of every age, and to help them showcase their love in the best possible way.

Recommitment ceremonies, vow renewals, and anniversaries are even better down here in this South Okanagan paradise.

Recommitment and Vow Renewals

Whether you made your vows last month or last century, you never forget the excitement and anticipation of your wedding day.

vase on table of anniversary celebrationLet us recreate that feeling (but this time, without the jitters and stress).

We can help you to host the celebration of your dreams –from a full-scale “re-wedding” and reception with hundreds of friends, to a small garden ceremony with your children and grandchildren, to private and simple beachside promises. Watermark Beach Resort’s event planners and partners have comprehensive experience and unlimited creativity. Let us make it perfect.

Our guests choose to renew their vows for countless reasons. The stories we hear are always poignant and unique, and the events are always meaningful.

  • One couple was married hastily because of upcoming military tours, so they never got their dream wedding
  • Another couple were joined in an arranged marriage that had evolved into a true love match
  • Yet another had only a civil ceremony before same-sex marriage was recognized
  • And many, many more are approaching milestone anniversaries, or have refocused their mutual goals, or originally eloped, and now want to celebrate with their loved ones!

The one theme that comes up every single time we host a recommitment ceremony is true, everlasting love. And that is always something to celebrate.


We want to make one thing clear. You never need an excuse to celebrate your years together. Every moment of your relationship is worthwhile!

Man and woman on Osoyoos LakeBut sometimes, having a date on the calendar can be just the motivation you need to recognize that.

And if you’re going to mark the occasion, you may as well do it in style. At the beach. With your nearest and dearest. (Or not.) In the heart of the flavourful, stunning South Okanagan.

We happen to know the perfect place.

Commemorate your big day at Watermark Beach Resort.

Intimate dinners, relaxing spa treatments, romantic bike rides, charming roadside stops, refreshing lake activities. Perhaps a made-for you party overlooking the stunning Okanagan valley.

No matter how you spend time together on your anniversary, you’ll have wonderful new memories to bring home.

You’re building a lifetime together, and your story is beautiful.

Reaffirm it in equally beautiful surroundings.

A destination anniversary or renewal celebration is a unique and memorable way to honour your devotion to one another. Whatever your occasion, Watermark Beach Resort is the ideal spot to reconnect with each other, and with everyone who loves you.

Spoken aloud, or shown in actions, now is the time to say “I do” again (and again!).
Contact us to learn how we can help.

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