Upgrades for the Kettle Valley Rail Trail from Oliver to Osoyoos

The Okanagan Valley is a haven for cyclists with multiple events and races taking place throughout the year; you can even do a wine tour by bicycle! In a region that is well-known for its excellent cycling opportunities, it was only a matter of time before improvements were made to the Kettle Valley Rail Trail, a popular multi-use pathway that offers a great ride for cyclists. Constructed between 1910 and 1915, the Coast-to-Kootenay portion of the Kettle Valley Railroad connected the Kootenays and Okanagan region to the West Coast. Originally constructed as a means to maintain Canadian sovereignty during a

Oceans to the Okanagan Dinner Celebrates Okanagan Salmon

Salmon in the Okanagan Valley are experiencing a challenging year, to say the least. Drought conditions have significantly reduced water levels and the summer heat has increased the temperature of the water, causing a higher than normal mortality rate in the fish. Earlier this year, it was being predicted that 2015 would be a banner year for salmon in Osoyoos Lake. Now, it looks like only 18,000 to 45,000 of the originally projected 375,000 fish will survive the journey. It’s a sobering look at how delicate the balance of nature is. In the South Okanagan, salmon are an important part

Share Your Food and Share the Love – A New Way to Dine!

Tapas is a Spanish word that means small savory dishes of food, much like appetizers or snack-sized plates. In more recent years, these small plates have evolved to become a full dining experience where foodies order several dishes and share their plates between the table. In western cultures, this has had a remarkable impact on the dining experience as people find it easier to converse with one another, rather than focusing on finishing the meal in front of them. Needless to say, the team at Watermark Beach Resort are big fans of this social dining style!     The restaurant

Like Food & Wine? Put These Okanagan Events On Your List!

You can’t spend time in the Okanagan Valley without developing a great love and appreciation for food and wine. When you are in a region surrounded by lush, fresh produce and renowned vineyards, the culinary world seeps into every conversation and permeates your daily life. The South Okanagan is also a place where we celebrate. A lot! Local wineries and restaurants are always finding a reason to host a party or celebrate a special event and, in a couple of weeks, Black Hills Estate Winery and Orofino Winery will be doing just that. Starlit Supper at Tinhorn Creek The South

Join Family Movie Night at Watermark Beach Resort!

Families who are staying at Watermark on Tuesdays this July have received an extra special treat thanks to our team… Family Movie Night is the latest activity to be added to the vacation itinerary at our Osoyoos resort! Nicole, our Catering and Events Manager, has worked with our new concierge team to bring awesome family movies to the Vineyard Ballroom here at Watermark Beach Resort. Just $5 per person gets you admission into our “theatre” for the evening’s movie, plus a bag of popcorn and a pop. For the grown-ups, we do have alcoholic beverages available for an additional cost,

How To Have a Relaxing Wedding… It’s Possible!

There’s a long-standing belief that weddings are stressful. The expectations are high and when you aren’t busy pinning away on Pinterest and poring over wedding magazines, you still have your “real life” to deal with. If that weren’t enough, by the time the day finally arrives, everything is a whirlwind, you can’t sleep, and you didn’t even get to try the delicious cake that you carefully hand selected. Watermark Beach Resort is here to tell you a secret… There’s a better way! If you feel like your wedding is beginning to spiral out of control and it’s taking you with

Need More Namaste in Your Life? Join This Yoga Retreat!

Do you need a little more namaste in your life? Join Okanagan Yoga Retreats in September and enjoy a namaSTAY at Watermark Beach Resort! Shauna Nyrose and Chelsea Ray are two of the Okanagan’s most popular yoga instructors and the duo have recently launched Okanagan Yoga Retreats to help students with more than just stretching on a mat. The retreats will take place at beautiful locations throughout the Okanagan and Watermark is thrilled to host the yogis for their Savour 3-Day Getaway here in Osoyoos, BC.   Shortly this beach will be a frenzy of people enjoying their vacations, the

Food, Wine & Bicycles! The Coolest Cycling Event Returns to Watermark

Save the date! One of BC’s best cycling events, The Intrepid Stage Ride, returns to the South Okanagan for its third year on September 25-27th. This spectacular 3 day ride is an experience like no other, with a challenging 400 km scenic course that winds its way among vineyards, mountains, and lakes, and plenty of reward at the end of each day. The Intrepid takes care of your needs, from bicycle maintenance and luggage (custom DaKine luggage with registration) to lodging and meals, so you can fully enjoy the cycling experience of a lifetime. The Intrepid Stage Ride™ ★ Okanagan

4 Amazing Places To Experience Live Music In The South Okanagan This Summer

The South Okanagan is one of the greatest places to spend some time and the summer months are particularly lively as the vineyards spring to life, the sun shines, and people flock to the lake. Over the past few years, the local music scene has continued to flourish and this summer is a great time to experience live music at incredible venues throughout the South Okanagan. If you’re staying at Watermark Beach Resort this summer, we suggest you spend an evening with fellow music lovers at one of the many great concerts in our region. Osoyoos Music In The Park