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The Winemaker & Brewmaster Dinner Series At 15 Park Bistro

Savour The Culinary Essence Of Osoyoos

Bold flavours, delivered through precise pairings. Join us at 15 Park Bistro this season for our all-new Winemaker & Brewmaster Dinner Series.

Nestled in the heart of wine country, 15 Park Bistro takes immense pride in offering guests an authentic taste of the region’s rich culinary and viticulture traditions. Throughout this series, we’re elevating your culinary experience like no other and only for a limited run.

What Is A Winemaker Or Brewmaster Dinner?

Winemaker dinners epitomize the symbiotic relationship between food and wine, where each dish is designed not just to be complemented by the wine, but to enhance and be enhanced by it. The interplay of flavours, the story behind each bottle and the passion of the winemaker culminate in a dining experience that is nothing short of poetic.

The twist in our series this season? We’re incorporating brewmasters into the mix, celebrating the artisanal craft of beer-making and its nuanced pairing with gourmet dishes.

Every dinner will be created by Executive Chef Nick Atkins and his talented culinary team and hosted by a representative from the winery or brewery.

Featured Wineries & Breweries

Kismet Estate Winery & Hermit Wine CompanyOctober 19

Kismet (noun): destiny; fate. – it’s no wonder that the wines from Kismet Estate Winery are destined to impress with their unique blends and pairings.

Combine that with the innovative blends from Hermit Wine Company, and you have a night that promises intriguing flavours, stories and insights into the world of wine.

Backroads Brewing Company – November 2

Venture off the beaten path and discover the crafty genius behind Backroads Brewing Company.

These beers resonate with the spirit of adventure and exploration, making for a delightful evening you won’t want to miss.

Church & State Wines – November 16

Church & State Wines stands tall in the world of viticulture. Their wines, made with meticulous precision and fervent passion, ensure an evening of divine indulgence.

VinAmité Cellars – November 30

Bringing together friendship and wine, VineAmité features wines that are both elegant and welcoming.

These wines are devoted to traditional French varietals, crafted through a blend of old and new approaches. An evening with VinAmité promises to be like a heartwarming gathering among friends and family.

Nostalgia Wines Inc. – December 14

Take a trip down memory lane with Nostalgia Wines, exploring the story of the valley and the land with every sip. Their offerings are a tribute to the timeless appeal of wine, ensuring a night filled with cherished memories and delightful sips.


An Exclusive Experience

Each dinner in this series is a one-night-only affair, crafted meticulously by our very own Chef Nick Atkins.

The events will be graced by a representative or winemaker from the respective winery or brewery, giving you a firsthand insight into the craft, passion and tradition behind each sip.

Spaces for these dinners are limited, ensuring an intimate and exclusive experience. So, mark your calendars and make your reservations. Let’s raise our glasses to exquisite flavours, marvelous moments and unforgettable evenings at 15 Park Bistro. Reserve your table now.

Once you’ve savoured the last sip and bite, why rush home? Extend your experience with a lavish night relaxing in your condo suite at Watermark Beach Resort. Secure your room today and transform your evening into a dreamy escape.

Contact us or give us a call at 1.888.755.3480.

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