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Winter Wine Picks from the South Okanagan

Watermark Winter Wine Picks from Southern Okanagan, BC, Canada. Featuring Blue Mountain Winery in Oliver,


Many rightfully reminisce of summer in Okanagan wine country. After all, it is spectacular! But we should not forget the harmony that winter brings to the region. While the air is cool and fresh blankets of snow cover the vineyards, we enjoy glasses of wine perfectly acclimated to the season.

From naturally low-sugar wines, to crisp white wines and bubbly sparkling wines, Watermark has rounded up the perfect pours. Savour the season with Watermark’s winter wine picks for snowy holidays, festive celebrations and romantic nights.

Watermark’s Winter Wine Picks For February

A Wine Selection For Romantic Winter Nights

Evenings filled with romantic dinners, expressions of love and a splash of all things pink. This is February personified. What else is pink? Rosé! We typically talk about Rosé during those hot summer days, but at this romantic time of year, it always comes to the front of mind.

Chanson D’Amour and Kismet Infinity Rosé Wines

Kismet Infinity Rosé

A delightful wine that makes our Valentine’s and month of love list every year is the Kismet Infinity Rosé. Using a traditional saignée method, this wine incorporates anywhere from seven to nine different grape varietals. Undoubtedly a very unique blend. Yet each year, the winemaker produces a consistently crisp Rosé that starts with a fresh ripe raspberry aroma and finishes with strawberry flavours. The wine pairs very well with both seafood and many of the excellent Indian dishes offered at Kismet Estate Winery in Oliver, BC.

vinAmité Chanson D’Amour

If you feel that pink might be a bit cliché, another great option is the Chanson D’Amour or “Love Song” from vinAmité. This wine brings together Pinot Gris, Orange Muscat, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. This joyful blend is floral and fruit-forward with balanced citrus and honey flavours, and a soft minerality common for the region. The Chanson D’Amour can be found at 15 Park Bistro on our regular menu. It is also featured in some of the collaboration events we do with the winemaker Catherine Coulombe. We work very closely with this Okanagan valley winery.

Watermark Winter Wine Picks For January

South Okanagan Sparkling Wines For Winter Celebrations

With the celebrations of New Year’s Eve behind us, it’s a reminder not to forget about the wonderful sparkling wines being produced in BC. With so many different varietals growing in the Okanagan and such a variety of terroir, we have so many choices and flavour profiles of world-class sparkling wine. Over the years, winemakers have shown they can produce consistently strong wines, some of which have become staples in the Okanagan.

Stoneboat Piano Brut NV XIV and Blue Mountain Gold Label Brut are great wines from the South Okanagan

Stoneboat Piano Brut NV XIV

The Stoneboat Piano Brut aims to follow the style of Prosecco coming out of Italy. The wine uses Pinot Blanc grapes as Stoneboat is self-labeled a “Pinot House” (Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, and Pinotage are their main varietals). This wine uses the traditional Charmat Method for carbonation and the Okanagan fruit flavours come through in this wine; especially light aromas of peach and apple, which grow in orchards around the vines of Stoneboat Pinot House Winery in Oliver, BC.

Blue Mountain Gold Label Brut

Another well-known wine featured at 15 Park Bistro is the Blue Mountain Gold Label Brut. This Brut is made more in a traditional style with French varietals of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir which are more commonly found in sparkling wines coming out of some parts of Italy and France. This sparkling has more citrus notes and is more toasty than most Okanagan sparkling wines due to the extra time the wine spends on the lees. Blue Mountain Winery produces wines using exclusively estate-grown grapes from its South Okanagan vineyard in Okanagan Falls, BC.

Watermark Winter Wine Picks For December

Perfectly Curated Winter Wines For Your Holiday

As the festivities around Osoyoos unfold, we’re delighted to share our Watermark Wine Picks for December, perfectly curated to enhance your holiday celebrations. Following the success of our Winemaker’s Dinner, we are thrilled to continue this spirit of culinary excellence and viticultural discovery.

Watermark’s December Winter Wine Picks are 2022 Vin Amité Pinot Gris and Code Estate 2020 Pinot Noir Vintage

2022 Vin Amité Pinot Gris

Keeping in the theme of our well-received Winemaker Dinner series, our upcoming dinner features Vin Amité out of Oliver. All summer long we have had great success with the Vin Amité Pinot Gris. The winemaker, Catherine Coulombe, has done a great job with this vintage as 2022 was a banner year for some white varietals in the South Okanagan. This is a crisp white wine with some peach and citrus notes. While it has been featured as a great summer patio wine, it continues to be a favourite in the restaurant in the off season as well. It is very flavourful and has just a little bit of skin contact to give it a nice heavier mouth feel, which makes it pair well with food.

Code Estate 2020 Pinot Noir Vintage

We’re also proud to be one of the very few restaurants in the Okanagan carrying wines from Code Estate Winery. This very small, artisanal winery, has approximately five acres of vines planted, located in Okanagan Falls. It is the ideal location for varietals like Pinot Noir. The 2020 Vintage of their Pinot Noir on our list is very well balanced and has cherry and berry notes. It has a good amount of spice for a Pinot Noir and the flavour finish is pleasantly long on this wine. We’re very fortunate to have access to rare wines from small wineries like Code.

The scents, the flavours and the very soul of the wine country await you at our Osoyoos hotel. Watermark’s curated picks are but a taste of the extraordinary experiences we have in store.

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