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Explore The Okanagan Ice Wines Of BC This Winter

The Okanagan region in BC is Canada’s optimal area for making wines of all kinds, with perfect conditions for vineyards during the summers. But during the winters, some wineries also have the opportunity to create a uniquely sweet and rich wine called ice wine.

Ice wine is a special kind of dessert wine that adheres to very strict standards, and can only be made in a select few places around the world. The unique experience of this wine makes it a treat that all oenophiles should try at least once in their lives, which makes it a perfect gift idea for a wine lover in your life.

Everything You Need To Know About Ice Wine

Ice Wine vs. Dessert Wine

Although all ice wines are considered dessert wines, not all dessert wines can be called ice wines. Ice wines are produced in a very specific way, where the grapes are picked and pressed while frozen, whereas dessert wine grapes may be frozen after being harvested. If the water inside the grape from an ice wine harvest melts and dilutes the concentrated winter nectar, it must be labelled as “late harvest” instead of “ice wine.”

How Ice Wine Is Produced

Making ice wine requires using grapes that have frozen on the vine. Winemakers pick the grapes by hand when the temperature hits -8°C, sometimes even in the middle of the night. The sugars inside the grapes are concentrated by the freeze, making them as sweet as nectar without any artificial aid. The grapes are also pressed while they’re still frozen to preserve this sweetness. Only Vitis vinifera grape varieties or Vidal Blanc can be used to make ice wine, and no artificial methods of concentrating the sugars or refrigerating the grapes, grape must, or grape juice is allowed. The list of regulations that go into the production of ice wine goes on and on – if you’re interested in learning more, check out this page.

Fun Fact: It takes around 5 times the amount of grapes to make just one 375ml bottle of ice wine than it does to make your average 750ml bottle of table wine.

As you can see, ice wine is extremely difficult to produce, and must meet the strict standards of the Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA), which is why only a select few wineries around the Okanagan feature this unique drink. Below we’ve compiled a list of three wineries in the South Okanagan, and three in Kelowna where you can try this mouth-watering dessert wine this winter.

Where To Get South Okanagan Ice Wine

Inniskillin & Jackson-Triggs

Inniskillin and Jackson-Triggs have joined forces to create a premium winery and tasting experience all in one place. Inniskillin ice wine is one of the world’s most popular brands for this delicious drink, and for good reason. They’re dedicated to producing top class production every year, monitoring the weather to ensure ideal harvest times. There’s no better place to be introduced to the interesting history of ice wine and the unique ways to enjoy it than with a tasting experience from Inniskillin.

Nk’Mip Cellars

Nk’Mip Cellars produces a delicious Riesling Ice Wine with grapes harvested in Osoyoos. You’ll find a variety of tasting experiences and tours available where you can try the ice wine or simply buy a bottle. They also host various dinners such as the Winter Solstice Dinner on December 17th and the Sweetheart Dinner on February 11th, where you can pair this delicious nectar with dessert.

Gehringer Brothers

The Gehringer Brothers have been making award-winning Riesling Ice Wines for years. With grapes for their 2019 Riesling Ice Wine picked at -10°C when the berries are frozen solid. Their pressing process results in natural concentration, with no altering of the delicate, sweet, and fruity flavours. You can reserve a wine tasting in their split tasting room although there’s no guarantee that ice wine will be offered in the portfolio. The safest bet is to simply buy your bottle of ice wine while you’re there or order your ice wine online for curbside or in-person pickup.

Ice Wine Found In Kelowna Wineries

Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Summerhill Pyramid Winery offers a variety of both red and white ice wines to those looking to try some variations of this unique beverage. From Riesling, to Pinot Noir, and Zweigelt ice wines, you’ll find something for everyone at this winery. With wine tastings open from 10am to 6pm, 7 days a week year-round, you can drop by for a taste any time or reserve your own Pyramid Experience Tour. While you’re there, with the holiday season on the horizon, make sure you pick up a bottle of ice wine for the oenophile in your life.

Kalala Organic Estate Winery

Kalala Organic Estate Winery also boasts a range of ice wines including Riesling, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Zweigelt. This award winning winery is located on the upper bench of West Kelowna, and their tasting room is open almost year-round (closed from December 25th to January 17th). Although reservations are recommended, they also accept walk-ins with wait times depending on occupancy.

Mission Hill Family Estate Winery

Mission Hill Family Estate Winery offers a 2014 Riesling Ice Wine that can be bought in their store or online. Although their terrace restaurant is closed for the winter season, their winery is still open for tastings daily, by reservation. They own a variety of vineyard estates that give them access to over 30 diverse microclimates, some of which produce delicious ice wines. These are sourced from their Black Sage Bench, Mission Hill Road, Silver Ranch, and other estates. Try their 2014 Silver Ranch Vineyard Riesling Icewine from the Terroir Collection today!

There’s no better place to explore ice wines than the Okanagan, and after your day of ice wine shopping you can return to your comfortable room at the Watermark to uncap and unwind over dessert. Reach out to us at 1.888.755.3480 to book your stay today or learn more!

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