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  • watermark christmas by John Greaves

    Celebrating the Holidays at Watermark Beach Resort

    December is here and we’re all starting to turn our attention to the holiday season! If you’re wondering what to do for the holidays this year, Watermark Beach Resort is a great place for a Christmas family reunion or a nice relaxing holiday getaway.
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  • Kick Off The Holidays with Winter in Wine Country

    The wineries of the South Okanagan don’t come to a halt just because the seasons have changed. For many of our the wineries around Osoyoos and Oliver, this time of year is one of transition as they wrap up the harvest, pick the grapes for ice wine, and prepare for the holidays – just like everyone else! In fact, on November 29th and 30th, dozens of local wineries will open their doors and welcome guests to kick of the holiday season in style with the Winter in Wine Country event.
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  • New Radio Spot

    Check out our newest radio spot, airing on SUN.FM and EZ-Rock for the next month!
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  • pic_wedcouple1_top

    Romance at the Watermark Beach Resort

    There must be something magical in the water here at Watermark Beach Resort. Our Osoyoos resort hosts many weddings each year and it has truly become a paradise for those seeking a romantic spot to say “I do”. But it’s not just newlyweds who adore Watermark Beach Resort. Our little piece of heaven on the shores of Osoyoos Lake is also home to plenty of anniversary celebrations and romantic getaways for two.
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  • Chef_Adair_Watermark_Beach_Resort

    Osoyoos Chefs Take on Whistler’s Cornucopia Festival

    Food, wine, and the gorgeous mountainside – what’s not to love at Whistler’s Cornucopia event, running from November 6th – 16th? The answer is not much. In fact, fans of Watermark Beach Resort will be thrilled to learn that Chef Adair has been invited to take part in Friday’s Osoyoos Wine Dinner at Quattro Whistler!
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  • snowbird

    Canadian Snowbird Life in the South Okanagan

    Canadian Snowbird in OsoyoosThese days, Watermark Beach Resort has become a haven for Canadian snowbirds looking to escape the difficult, freezing cold of other Canadian regions, without the hassle of owning a property in the United States or Mexico.
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  • south okanagan national park

    Watermark Beach Resort Welcomes Plans for South Okanagan National Park

    The South Okanagan region is a sensitive region that is home to unique animal species.Back then, our Prime Minister at the time, Jean Chrétien, announced an understanding with the British Columbian Premier of the day, Gordon Campbell, to work on the development of an official national park in the area. Since then the idea has been dissected, debated and discussed many times over, before ultimately being shelved back in 2012.
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  • pumpkins-blogpost

    A Thanksgiving Recipe For Your Stay at Watermark

    Here at Watermark Beach Resort, we’ve been lucky enough to witness many a family reunion over the last few years. Our lovely suites come complete with gourmet kitchens, providing the perfect Osoyoos location for get togethers and family getaways, pets included!
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  • ingrid-grapes

    Experience the Fall Okanagan Wine Festival in the South Okanagan

    Each year, dozens of wineries throughout the region gather at key times to celebrate the liquid they love so much, hosting various events along with Signature Events that are presented and organized by the Okanagan Wine Festivals Society. Here in the South Okanagan, wineries will be offering up events and celebrations of all kinds in honour of the fall grape harvest during the first two weeks of October.
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  • 1200x628

    Sidewinding Summer Getaway

    We talk a lot about ‘sidewinding’ here at Watermark Beach Resort. It’s that feeling of creating your own experience in a relaxing atmosphere. It’s the enjoyment of discovering new favourite wines, new favourite dishes and new favourite holes on a new favourite golf course.
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  • airport

    Shuttle Between Osoyoos and Kelowna International Airport

    Getting to Watermark Beach Resort just got a whole lot easier! Let’s Go! Transportation now offers daily, round-trip shuttle service between Osoyoos and Kelowna International Airport (YLW).
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  • okanaganwineries

    Another Reason to Visit: Voted #2 in the World

    The readers of USA Today voted The Okanagan Valley as the second best wine region to visit in the world. The top ten list makes for a perfect bucket list for wine enthusiasts.
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