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Firefighter and F&B Manager “Everybody has a place”

“Everybody has a place” and Watermark is proud to be Diane’s

With a storied career balancing firefighting with culinary leadership, Diane Butt – who is currently the food and beverage manager at Watermark Beach Resort as well as a paid on-call firefighter with the Osoyoos Fire Rescue – exemplifies the strength, character, and leadership the world celebrates on International Women’s Day. 

A resident of Osoyoos, BC, for 10 years, Diane made history when she became the town fire rescue’s first female firefighter in 2018. By breaking this barrier, Diane has become a role model for other women eager to pursue a career in firefighting – including her 11-year-old daughter, who’s already keen to join the force.

Diane is equally as passionate about hospitality, which attracted her to Watermark Beach Resort – an equal opportunities employer that supports Diane’s dual journeys in hospitality and firefighting. Over half of the resort’s leadership team is led by women. Diane’s role as the resort’s food and beverage manager facilitates daily interaction with guests, which she considers a highlight of the job. 

Diane is an exceptional leader who inspires others daily.

Diane Butt – Osoyoos’ first female firefighter awarded for five years of service

Osoyoos’ first female fire fighter is celebrating her first five-year service award this month, saying it’s all about community. After two decades in the hospitality industry, Diane Butt joined the Osoyoos Fire Department in 2018 on the cusp of 40 years old, as a way to contribute. She saw a call out for volunteer firefighters and although she knew nothing about firefighting at the time, she jumped all in for testing and training to become one.

“For me, it wasn’t just about women,” Butt said. “It’s about — you think of firefighting — like big, burly, strong individuals. I guess in this sense, I wanted to be like, ‘Everybody has a place. Everybody’s got their strengths and weaknesses.’”

Now, at 46 years old, Butt is the food and beverage manager at Watermark Beach Resort while continuing her role as paid-on-call-firefighter. Diane’s firefighting and professional journey is an inspiration to all of us. Read more on Castanet as we celebrate Diane and our community.

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