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4 Best Osoyoos Hiking Trails To Explore This Spring

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Experience BC Paradise at Watermark

When it comes to Osoyoos hiking, from shining lakes to dramatic mountains, there’s always a stunning scene to discover. This little slice of paradise is one of the prettiest and most memorable areas to hike in our great country, and we’ve rounded up four fantastic hikes for you to try this summer.

Plan your eco adventure during your stay by researching your hike, packing appropriately for the weather and ensuring your phone is fully charged. It’s always a smart idea to leave a copy of your route with a trusted friend or the concierge. Being prepared ensures you can concentrate solely on your amazing hike and the breathtaking South Okanagan scenery.

Osoyoos Hiking Oxbows Trail

Oxbows Trail

A picturesque and easy trail at the north end of Osoyoos Lake, the Oxbows Trail is a 5 km hike through unique wetlands. A bird-watcher’s paradise, Oxbows is one of Osoyoos’ only remaining wetlands. You might see a Redhead Duck or a rare Yellow-Breasted Chat, so bring your camera!

Canal Walkway

Take your furry friend with you on this 5 km trail that allows leashed dogs. Osoyoos has one of the most exceptional climates in the country with Canada’s only desert, and the Canal Walkway shows off the incredible desert sagebrush. The paved trail makes this an enjoyable walk for those looking for a smooth or wheelchair-accessible trail.
Canal Walkway
Mount Kobau

Mt. Kobau

Two trails, a 1.3 km hike or a 3 km loop, take you along this gorgeous mountainside overlooking the splendor of the South Okanagan. Wildflowers grow in warmer months, making this an incredible spot for pictures. The unpaved trail to Chopaka Lookout is a relatively easy and rewarding journey that ends in an unforgettable vista.

Mount Kruger Loop

For experienced hikers, this 24.3 km loop takes you up the side of breathtaking Mount Kruger. You’ll see gorgeous mountainsides and serene lakes along the moderately difficult hike. Birdwatchers appreciate Mount Kruger for its diverse wildlife, and there are also mountain biking trails. An iconic location of the South Okanagan.
Osoyoos Hiking Mount Kruger
Osoyoos Hiking. 3 Women on a hike

We’re so happy the great outdoors remains open for experiencing the beauty of Osoyoos and our incredible province. Contact us at 1.888.755.3480 for more information on booking a stay at Watermark or on creating your own memorable eco-experience.

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