What’s Your Ing Thing?

Here at Watermark, we celebrate all the wonderful things we can do in the Land of Ing!

And now that the Okanagan sunshine is heralding spring and summer things to come, we want to share the best golfing and watersporting things we do in the South Okanagan.

Watersporting in Osoyoos

Lake Osoyoos is the warmest lake in Canada, so if you are longing for an early start to summer fun, why not visit Watermark for a weekend playing on the water.

Whether you like the thrill of sailing with the wind or a relaxed and peaceful time on the water paddleboarding or kayaking; or if wakeboarding and jet skis are more your style, we have that, too. Whatever your water-thing, we’ve got you covered with rentals and recommendations.

Why not take this opportunity to learn sailing with the Lake Osoyoos Sailing club. They offer a 3-hour Introduction to Sailing course from certified instructors, and a week long course for those who are more serious about navigating the wind and waves.

Local company, Wakepilot has all you need for boating, wakeboarding, and waterskiing. In addition to rentals, they also offer fully-inclusive packages and lessons from certified instructors.

For paddleboarding enthusiasts or those looking to try something new, we offer classes and rentals right here at the resort.

 Golfing in Osoyoos

If you are anxious to get on the green, then come on down to Osoyoos for a spot of spring golfing.

Our golf courses offer spectacular views of the desert landscape, hills, vineyards and orchards and lake views. Each course offers a challenge to golfers of all skill levels in a tranquil setting where they can practice their swing.

Come to Osoyoos for an early break from the last grip of winter, and check out the golf packages for a weekend well spent doing your own thing.