UncorkING Your Way Through The South Okanagan

WineING your way through the desert hills of the South Okanagan you’ll find yourself sippING and savourING the unique collection of large and boutique wineries.

Staggettes @ Watemark Beach Resort

With 39 wineries in the Oliver-Osoyoos Wine Region, you’ll be hard pressed to visit them all, though each and every one along the way is worthy of a stop.

How can you be sure you’re hitting the right wineries along the way? Well, choosing a Wine Tour Company is one of the best ways for explorING the region. By booking a guided wine tour, such as those offered by Wine Tours Gone South, you can sit back, relax and really enjoy the experience, while fully immersING yourself in the atmosphere of the region.

Top 4 Reasons To Book a Guided Wine Tour While in the South Okanagan

  1. Hand-Picked Wine Tasting Tours
    It’s true when they say you don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy good wine. If you are new to wine tasting, a guided tour is an excellent way to discover what varietals you enjoy most.

    For experienced sippers, signing up for wine tasting with a tour company is a great way to hand select the wineries with the best wines to meet your palette preferences. Local wine tour companies are well-versed in top picks from each winery and can guide you to the wineries you are likely to enjoy most.  
  2. Take Advantage of their Knowledge and Inside Scoop
    Having an experienced guide at your side while you spend your day sipping and savouring is an invaluable way to immerse yourself in the South Okanagan wine region.
    Whether you wish to learn more about the specifics of what makes a certain wine or winery unique, you’d like to learn more about what notes your tasting, or you’d like to hear about the history and stories of the wineries you are visiting, you will end your day more enriched. What a wonderful way to discover the local colour and flavour of the community!
  3. You Have an Official Designated Driver
    You can drink and enjoy as much of the tastings as you wish without worry.  This may be the most popular reason to begin exploring the idea of a guided wine tour. Being able to leave your car at the hotel or home and be chauffeured through the region is a wonderful advantage to booking a wine tour.
  4. Speaking of Driving, Directions Are Not Needed
    With a wine tour, you can leave all the worry and planning to the tour company. You won’t need to plan the route or guide your way through the winding roads while arguing with your GPS, spouse or paper maps. It’s an easy, delightful way to really discover the region beyond the resort, the lake and Main Street.

If you’re visiting the South Okanagan and  SippING, SavourING, ExplorING and EnjoyING the region is on your To-Do list, we’d like to introduce you to a Wine Tour Company that will have you LaughIng, LearnIng, WineIng and then some. What a wonderful way to experience The Land of Ing. 

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