Top 5 Reasons To Take Up GolfING This Year

The South Okanagan is a mecca for golf.

The region boasts 5 diverse and challenging golf courses, excellent weather, incredible scenery, and the welcoming, relaxed vibe that the game deserves. Several supplementary golf facilities can be found in Oliver and Osoyoos, as well, which means there’s ready access to the game for every level of play.

Seasoned golfers are enticed by the area’s championship links, and lessons and practice opportunities abound for those new to the game.

Thinking of taking up the sport?

The Osoyoos and South Okanagan region is the perfect place to start swinging.

Here are a few great reasons why you should start golfing this year!

It’s Healthy

It’s relaxing. It’s exhilarating. It’s a great way to burn calories! Playing a full round of golf means roughly 4 miles of walking. The awe-inspiring scenery of the South Okanagan make a day on the links feel like a healthy hike through a beautiful park. For many amatuer golfers, the fresh air, light exercise, and fun are the most attractive benefits of the game.

The Conversation

Golf is a social game (it’s why it’s such a popular way to do business!). Course etiquette usually means no cell phones, which affords players a great opportunity for stimulating conversations that build real relationships. (Hint: this is a great place for a date! You can learn a lot about your partner on a golf course…)

Indulgence is Expected

There aren’t many sports that allow players to eat and drink in the middle of competition. In golf, it’s actually encouraged! Someone drives around with a cart full of beer and snacks to bring to you. It’s truly the sport of kings.

A Timeless Game

It’s a lifelong hobby! Golf is one of the few sports that can be played from childhood through old age. It can be shared across generations (what a great way for grandparents and grandkids to bond!), and levels of play, and is a game that can be enjoyed at every stage of life.

It’s Fun

Golf is a low-key roller coaster (is that a thing?) of game, and it’s different every time. It can be thrilling, challenging, frustrating, satisfying, relaxing. You really only compete against yourself, so it’s rewarding to improve with each round. It’s four hours spent amongst friends: great company, remarkable vistas, interesting discussions; in short, it’s fun! Plus, the wardrobe is a great way to express your personal flair…

Ready to give golf a try?

Spend an afternoon perfecting your swing, then come “home” to your comfortably, well-appointed suite at Watermark Beach Resort.

Check out our golf packages and our preferred rates with golf partners throughout the South Okanagan.


Updated June 5, 2018 to ensure accuracy and up-to-date activities.