Great News for Okanagan Anglers!

Sockeye Kokanee Salmon Swimming

Limited Salmon Fishing Now Open In Osoyoos Lake

Until August 13th, fishing for salmon at the Osoyoos sockeye sport fishery has been reopened in the north basin of Osoyoos Lake, just a few minutes walk from Watermark’s beach.

For several years, the BC Department of Fisheries has worked closely with the Okanagan Nation Alliance to monitor the health of the salmon population and their habitats. This excellent program helps ensure that future generations will have access to plentiful salmon.

Due to low numbers and their very delicate ecology, salmon fishing in the South Okanagan is very strictly controlled. While a catch-and-release program is usually in effect, the ONA and the D.o.F constantly review the local population. When numbers are good, limited salmon sport fishing becomes available.

Restrictions, including the number of retainable fish and allowable equipment, still apply:

  • A valid Non-Tidal Angler’s license is required
  • Fishing is only permitted during daylight hours
  • Fishers can pull no more than 2 sockeye salmon from Osoyoos Lake per day (and a daily total of four aggregate Pacific salmon from any of the South Okanagan’s waters)
  • Single barbless hooks are required in the lake
  • Existing limitations on the number and variety of fish from other lakes and rivers in the region are still in effect

Make sure you have the most up-to-date information. Visit the provincial website to learn more and to obtain a license.

At Watermark, we want to do our share to help sustain a healthy ecosystem in our unique South Okanagan home!

You can help in this endeavour, as well. Join the Salmon Sport Head Recovery Program in their efforts to accurately assess salmon numbers. If you catch a Chinook or a Coho (adipose fin will be clipped as a marker), you’re asked to label and submit the heads. Contact the program directly, 866-483-9994, for more information.

The Okanagan isn’t just our favourite playground, it’s a paradise for all creatures who live here. Let’s keep it that way!

We encourage you to enjoy yourself; please fish responsibly and with respect to the environment and other Okanagan visitors.

Happy casting!