Globe and Mail Readers Say Osoyoos is Canada’s Hottest Retirement Hot Spot

Canada’s Baby Boomer generation is nearing retirement and for the generation that has worked so hard and helped our country navigate tremendous change, the time for rest and relaxation has finally come.

For many retirees, there are countless questions to be asked and conversations to be had when it comes to retired life and real estate in later years: When do we retire? How much do we need to save? What can we afford? How much housework and maintenance can we handle? Where do we want to live? 

Some retirees are excited by the idea of living the snowbird lifestyle, spending their summer near family and friends and then taking a short flight to a warmer, milder climate in the winter. For snowbirds who would rather not deal with the hassles of buying property in other countries and international travel, the community of Osoyoos in BC’s South Okanagan may be the perfect compromise.




The Globe and Mail recently named Osoyoos as one of their readers top 6 Canadian retirement hot spots. The desert climate of Osoyoos has long, dry summers and winters that are mild and rarely drop below -5 C, so you could say that our little piece of British Columbia paradise is literally Canada’s hottest retirement hot spot! 

According to the Globe and Mail article, this warm climate means Osoyoos has “got outdoor advantages, including cycling, boating, golf and wine tours, but one can still ski in nearby Oliver.” For those who prefer to relax and take it easy, there is a distinct lack of snow shovelling, and there’s nothing like sitting on the deck with a good book in the summer.




Watermark Beach Resort is a popular place for snowbirds, extended stay guests, and year-round retirees alike. The resort is located in the town of Osoyoos on the lakefront and offers great options for purchasing Osoyoos real estate, including 1 bedroom condo units starting at $189,900. As a fully-equipped resort, our guests and residents are able to take advantage of a wealth of amenities like a pool, hot tubs, world-class Wine & Tapas Bar, fitness facility, spa, and more. And, because we are a popular vacation hot spot, you can place your unit into our rental pool when you are not home, allowing you to generate revenue without the headaches of being a landlord. 

Thanks to the beautiful weather, relaxed lifestyle, and a wealth of activities nearby, Osoyoos is quickly becoming a retirement destination. Best of all, the growing snowbird community in Osoyoos is very fun and active. Here at Watermark Beach Resort, our snowbirds gather every day and host games nights, events, and dance on a regular, if not weekly, basis!

Osoyoos is a wonderful place for a vacation, and an even better place for an extended stay, retirement home, or snowbird property. Surrounded by wineries, golf courses, lush scenery, and all the comforts of home, it’s easy to see why our community and Watermark Beach Resort is quickly becoming a favourite destination for Canadians and those looking to invest in Osoyoos real estate.


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