Devour – Our Partners in Pleasure


Devour: to engulf, absorb unreservedly, to swallow and wallow in, with abandon, to consume voraciously, ravenously. Yes, yes, and yes.

When you attend the annual epicurean event of the Okanagan, you’ll understand what we mean.

The Devour Festival celebrates the talents of Canada’s top chefs, winemakers, and food producers and pairs their culinary creations with top food-themed short films. The weekend is a celebration of top quality produce lovingly and creatively prepared by talented chefs, inspired by the talented filmmakers, and paired with the finest local wines. 

Friday May 5th – Launch Party

The festival kicks off Friday, May 5th with a launch party at Black Hills Estate Winery, where your hosts for the evening, celebrity chefs Michael Howell & Ned Bell, introduce local wine and culinary creations.


Saturday May 6th – Chowder SmackDown & Evening Gala

On Saturday, the Chowder SmackDown offers local craft beer and ciders and chowder, of course.

Following the SmackDown, an evening of pleasure awaits.

The 2017 Gala Dinner will tease, tantalize, and take your taste buds to the height of pleasure with some truly culinary creations, all perfectly paired with local wine and inspired by an outstanding short documentary film. It’s the paramount event of the weekend, and there are still a few tickets left. 

The first course to amuse your palate in this evening of guilt-free pleasure is brought to you by Watermark’s very own, Chef Adair Scott, the film, Daylily Fritters, is directed by Aube Giroux, and the wine supplied by our very dear neighbours, Covert Farms Family Estate.

The evening continues with a little light food play from Devour’s own Chef Michael Howell as he delivers a first course of:

Food: Lobster Salad Roll–Nova Scotia lobster, crème fraîche, pickled zucchini, sweet pea purée, red pepper fluid gel, pine nut granola, hana nori seaweed, pickled red onion, micro greens, salmon roe.

Film: Lobster Fishing directed by Alexandre Lampron

And let’s not forget the wine, a wonderful selection from Nova Scotia. We may be home to ‘The World’s Best Wine’, but we’re happy to welcome wine from Chef Howell’s fair province!

Wine: A Quartet of 2017 Tidal Bays from Nova Scotia from: Domaine De Grand Pré Winery, Jost Vineyards, Luckett Vineyards & Mercator Vineyards


Now that we have laid the foundation of pleasure, Chef Paul Rogalski from Rouge delivers the next course.

Food: Birchbark Smoked Okanagan Sockeye Salmon–Poplar Grove Camembert rosti, verjuice pickled eggs, pickled rhubarb, stinging nettle emulsification, fresh chives.

Film: Slow Food in Canada directed by Kevin Kossowan.
Wine: 2014 Pinot Noir from Maverick Estate Winery & 2015 Chardonnay from Church & State Wines.


Moving on, the the third course with Chef Ricardo Valverde from Ancora Waterfront Dining, provides a tantalizing interlude.

Film: Why This Road: Dan Portelance directed by Ben Proudfoot.

Food: Beef Short Rib Seco–Canario bean puree, peruvian quinoa, baby carrots, pickled shallots, seco à la norteña jus.

Wine: 2015 Amicitia from Covert Farms Family Estate & 2014 Rubeus from Maverick Estate Winery.

The fourth course is the creation of Chef Julian Bond of the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.

Film: Loss of Taste directed by Luca Nestola.

Food: Umami, the fifth taste–Rhubarb, fresh bay leaf, mascarpone, yuzu, hazelnuts, sea salt.

Wine: Saféd from Kismet Estate Winery.


And finally, we finish this feast of the senses with a co-creation from the best of east and west with Chef Michael Howell & Chef Adair Scott.

Film: Cheese directed by Hannah Cheesman.

Food: A Selection of Cheeses from Nova Scotia and British Columbia.

Wine: Mantra from Kismet Estate Winery & 2014 Syrah from Church & State Wines.


Sunday May 7 – Announcing the Winners

Sunday brings the weekend to a close with the Bubbly and Brunch Awards ceremony.

If you only attend one event this year, consider choosing Devour. This festival of feasts is a 5-course epicurean delight that provides attendees with an accomplished wine list, well-chosen pairings and exquisitely unique culinary creations. And let’s not forget the films.

All in all, this weekend is wonderful way to explore the food, wine, and film culture of Canada, and fantastic way to welcome Spring.