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Watermark Wine from Stag’s Hollow

Local Okanagan Wine at 15 Park Bistro

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with award-winning local winery Stag’s Hollow, producers of our exclusive line of Watermark Wine. You can now order a bottle of Watermark white, red, or sparkling at 15 Park Bistro to pair with a meal bursting with the fresh flavours of the South Okanagan.

Stag’s Hollow wines have long been featured on our restaurant wine list, and the winery has been a great partner to Watermark over the years. When the time came to approach a winery about crafting wines for the resort, executive sommelier Ron Rocher knew immediately that he wanted to talk to Stag’s Hollow. “They’ve been very good to Watermark over the years and I know the winemaker very well. Kiera [LeFranc] trained under Dwight Sick, who’s one of the best winemakers in the valley. Stag’s Hollow is unique in the type of grapes they grow, and I knew I would get an incredibly high-quality product from them.”

Stag’s Hollow Winery

Stag’s Hollow Winery has been operating in Okanagan Falls for over 20 years. Their name reflects the unique geography of the OK Falls region, where hollows—deep depressions in the earth—create a sheltered growing region with temperatures that can be 3-5 degrees cooler than the surface. The winery plants their vines in the Geneva Double Curtain style, a method used by only one other winery in the entire valley.

Because so many of the vines grow in these hollows, grapes must be harvested by hand. Machines and large equipment can’t move down the steep slopes. The time intensive harvest is worth it, though, when it results in the rich and complex flavours of the finished product.

All the grapes used to make Watermark Wine come from the Stag’s Hollow vineyards, making it a true representation of South Okanagan winemaking.

Watermark Wines

We offer three wines in our new line from Stag’s Hollow: Watermark Red, Watermark White, and Watermark Sparkling. The red and white wines are blends of four grapes, with a base of Pinot Gris for the white and Tempranillo for the red.

“Whenever you use more grapes to make a wine, you wind up with a more complex smelling and complex tasting product,” notes Ron Rocher. “I love the grapes that Kiera chose for both of the blends. Tempranillo is not grown much in the valley, but it’s my favourite Spanish grape. It is pretty much the Merlot of Spain.”

The Watermark Sparkling wine is made from grapes from the hollows of the vineyards and is created in a frizzante style. “One reason I like Stag’s Hollow is they push their winemaking into international styles, and one example is the frizzante where they’re playing with the Italian bubbly style,” says Ron Rocher.

All the wines are available at 15 Park Bistro. For guests visiting from Kelowna and other northern regions, we encourage you to stop by Stag’s Hollow Winery on your drive back. Call ahead to book your wine tasting and see the beauty and unique geography of this beautiful winery.

We welcome you to 15 Park Bistro where we showcase the delicious fresh flavours of the South Okanagan and the impressive quality of local wines, including the new Watermark Wines from Stag’s Hollow. Call 250-495-5508 to book your table today.

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