3 Reasons to Try Stand Up Paddleboarding in Osoyoos!

Paddle sports have always ranked among the most sought-after water activities. Canoeing (an ancient tradition in Canadian waters) and kayaking are peaceful and beautiful ways to explore our great outdoors. But in recent years, adventure seekers have turned to stand up paddleboarding as their watersport of choice.

When you consider the various health and entertainment benefits, this surge in popularity comes as no surprise. This perfectly-balanced combination of surfing and kayaking is not only fun and versatile, it’s also seriously good for your body!


SUP paddleboard Osoyoos

Learn the basics on the ground before you hit Osoyoos Lake!

It’s a Total Body Workout

Standing on a paddleboard requires balance, which means a strong core and strong legs. Guiding the paddle through the water to propel the board builds upper body strength. Essentially, every muscle in your body is activated during a paddleboard session, making it an excellent workout and a great way of staying fit during the hot summer months!

Paddleboarding isn’t just great for the body; it also does wonders for the soul. The peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, the repetitive motions, and the quiet exploration associated with this activity are all proven stress-relievers.

It’s Versatile

Unlike surfing, paddleboarding can be done in a variety of waters; many expert paddle boarders tackle white water rapids or large waves! For those of us who are not ready to turn pro, the gentle, warm waters of Osoyoos Lake provide a perfect environment to enjoy the sport.

It Offers Perspective

Standing on a paddleboard provides a new take on an old view. With aerodynamic, fiberglass boards and technologically-designed equipment, paddleboarding may seem like a quintessential 21st century activity, but it stems from ancient tradition. 3000 years ago, Peruvian tribes fished their local waters on floating boards called “Caballitos De Totora”. Since the early 20th century, lifeguards around the world have used versions of the paddleboard to watch and to rescue swimmers. As you glide along, take a moment to contemplate just how much there is to discover from this vantage point!


stand up paddleboarding


Paddleboarding is a fun, refreshing, and illuminating experience for the whole family. Interested in giving it a try? Watermark offers rentals and lessons.

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Updated June 8, 2018 to ensure accuracy and up-to-date activities.