Share Your Food and Share the Love – A New Way to Dine!

Tapas is a Spanish word that means small savory dishes of food, much like appetizers or snack-sized plates. In more recent years, these small plates have evolved to become a full dining experience where foodies order several dishes and share their plates between the table. In western cultures, this has had a remarkable impact on the dining experience as people find it easier to converse with one another, rather than focusing on finishing the meal in front of them. Needless to say, the team at Watermark Beach Resort are big fans of this social dining style!




The restaurant at Watermark offers a huge variety of Okanagan wines by the glass and by the bottle and pairs these wines with our own take on the tapas phemonen. Our team crafts delicious share plates that are larger than traditional tapas, so everyone at your table can truly savour the dish. Our guests love sharing bottles of wine among the table, so sampling several dishes off of our share plates menu is the perfect fit.




Our General Manager Ingrid Jarrett says that, “For me, the key for share plates for is the connection and dialogue and pleasure that comes with sitting together over food. It’s like breaking bread, which is the age-old way to leave the day’s worries or stresses behind and get reconnected to sustenance, to each other, and to pleasure… It is what life is all about – each other.”


Chef Adair typically offers more than a dozen share plates on the menu at any given time, so there is truly something for everyone. Of course, we also understand that not everyone loves to share their meals and some people really want to eat their own order of our hosemade sausages – that’s ok too! You can order a side plate to create your own meal or order a second share plate and keep it all to yourself. The food here at Watermark is so good, we completely understand that you want it all to yourself.



Of course, there are some people who agonize over which dish to try when they read the menu and share plates are great for those who just can’t decide which taste creation to try. Ordering share dishes for the table means that you can try several different culinary creations without feeling like you have to commit to just one. And if you find one that you love, you can always order another round!


Many people find that tapas-style dining is slower, encouraging more of that great conversation and making it a great way to bond with friends and family. It takes the culinary experience to the next level and reinvigorates the restaurant experience for everyone involved. What’s not to love about that?