The Half-Corked Marathon Will Get Your Heart Pumping

Why Half-Corked?

It’s almost time for the 11th annual Half-Corked Marathon, recently named Canada’s Event of the Year by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. This highly-anticipated weekend event draws more than 4500 visitors from far and wide to our beautiful region.

Participants enjoy exclusive events, on-route wine and food tastings, a finish line picnic party, excellent costumes, and awe-inspiring scenery.

The weekend is filled with meals, music, and tastings open to the public, as well.


RunnING. DrinkING. ExperiencING the South Okanagan in a most unique way!


Half-Corked – Wholly HeartenING


Everyone knows that running is good for you! It’s an activity that increases muscle and bone strength, improves cardio performance, lowers your risk of disease, and relieves stress.


The benefits of wine drinking are also well-documented. Recent studies have shown that moderate wine-drinking can reduce your risk of heart disease and heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and some cancers. Let’s all raise a glass to that!


Social interaction has also been proven to benefit your health. There’s so much more to this event than just the marathon! The costumes, the camaraderie, and the revelry of Half-Corked show off the amazing spirit of our friendly South Okanagan. Be a part of the happiness!


At Watermark, we know that nobody needs an excuse to visit the beautiful South Okanagan. The wine, the people, the amazing natural environment –there are so many things about this place that are clearly good for you.

So…why participate in the Half Corked Marathon?

The answer is simple.

Do it for your heart.

The 2019 Half-Corked Marathon takes place May 24-26. Visit the Oliver Osoyoos Winery Association for more event details.

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