Eco-Friendly In-Room Amenities

We think it’s important to be an environmentally-conscious resort.

Here in the South Okanagan, we are in the centre of one of Canada’s most unique natural environments. Our arid deserts support an incredible ecosystem of plants and animals.

Everyone at Watermark appreciates the fragility of the species in our Valley, and we are committed to doing our part in the stewardship of this beautiful land.

To that end, we try to be conscious of every decision we make -from supporting local farmers to our water and energy conservation initiatives. At Watermark, we are proud to be a green hotel!

We have partnered with suppliers who believe as strongly as we do that our remarkable part of the world is worth protecting.

One of the first things guests do when they check into their comfortable Watermark suite is to take a peek in the bathroom (you know it’s true)! We’re glad that our guests will find a selection of the high-quality amenities from Natural Concepts. Based in West Kelowna, this local Okanagan company has been creating environmentally responsible products for more than 25 years.

The team at Natural Concepts firmly believes in providing hand-formulated toiletries that use only the finest natural ingredients, are paraben- and petroleum-free, and are never tested on animals.

What you’ll find on your vanity:

  • Our gently-scented shampoo is pH balanced, it won’t strip your hair of natural oils. It’s free-rinsing for healthy shiny hair.
  • The luxurious, moisturizing hair conditioner has a creamy consistency and a light fragrance. Smooth and protect your locks!
  • Indulge your skin (especially in our dry desert air) with the rich & moisturizing shea butter body lotion. High-quality, replenishing ingredients and just a hint of fragrance.
  • A body wash that is truly refreshing and blissful! Easy lathering, gentle on the skin, and a pleasant, mild scent.
  • The exclusive, all-natural formula of our facial bars and body bars leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and soft. Find gentle-yet-thorough cleansing with a whisper of white tea fragrance in this detergent-free soap.

We know that the choice of hotel amenities is a reflection on the hotel, itself. The conscientiously-made-in-Canada products and attractive, eco-friendly packaging of the Natural Concepts line leave our guests feeling clean, fresh, and pampered.

They are right in step with Watermark’s vision of minimizing our ecological footprint while elevating our guests’ experience.

Are you ready for some good, clean fun? Contact us to reserve your Watermark Beach Resort getaway, now!