Introducing the Devour! Founders

We’re so pleased to be a part of this exceptional celebration of food, wine, and film.

Devour! Osoyoos is a satellite festival of the original Devour! Festival in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Now in its tenth year (our third, here in Osoyoos), this is a gathering of people who appreciate all of the beautiful and delicious stories that make life interesting.

None of this would be possible without the imagination and dedication of the following two individuals. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re delighted to introduce:

Michael Howell, Executive Director

Devour! is the brainchild of Wolfville, Nova Scotia’s Chef Michael Howell. With a 30 year career that spans the globe, Chef Michael is passionate about the role that cuisine can play in economic revitalization and social action. With Devour!, he has found an ideal way to broadcast important food-related global issues, as well as celebrating the rich diversity to be found in every culture’s food rituals.

Chef Michael has studied and worked in Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Toronto, New York, and The Bahamas, as well as spending 10 years as Chef/Proprietor of Wolfville’s Tempest Restaurant. A champion of the Slow Food movement, he has received national recognition for his contributions to Nova Scotia’s local farming and food production industries, including being awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Gary MacDonald Culinary Ambassador Award, and the Slow Food Canada Local Food Hero Award.

Howell is a strong proponent of culinary tourism as a means of supporting local economies and promoting cultural understanding. He leads food and wine tours of Italy with Tempestuous Culinary, Inc., and regularly appears on Canadian television. Chef Michael is the author of Atlantic Seafood, a cookbook celebrating the culture and cuisine of the Atlantic seaboard, from Nova Scotia on down.

As the Executive Director of Devour!, Chef Michael is thrilled to be able to share his enthusiasm for storytelling-through-cooking with people around the world.

Lia Rinaldo, Managing Director

With a 20 year career in the film industry and a passion for food culture, Lia Rinaldo knew she’d found a perfect combination in Devour! Starting in the movie business as a bright-eyed teenager, she honed her skills at Wormwoods Dog & Monkey Cinema, and later brought her considerable knowhow to the Atlantic Film Festival. Her interest in the culinary industry and enviable communication skills led her to a second career as a food and travel writer for Halifax Curated Magazine and Occasions Magazine, among other publications. A member of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association, Lia also provides culinary industry marketing, PR, and fundraising consulting services throughout Nova Scotia.

Lia has been repeatedly recognized for her exceptional contributions to the promotion of culture and the Arts. She has been honoured with the Gary MacDonald Culinary Ambassador Award, the Progress Women of Excellence Award in Arts & Culture, and has twice been named to the Chronicle Herald Arts & Life Honour Roll.

Fueled by her love for food and film, Lia has utilized her talent for festival coordination and management to make Devour! the largest event of its kind.

Devour! Osoyoos 2018 is coming to Watermark June 15-17. Tickets are on sale, now!

Visit our Devour! page to learn more about events, pricing, and special packages.