Chef Adair’s Magical Mulled Wine Recipe

The holidays may be coming to a close for another year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the flavours of the season throughout the winter. Here in the Okanagan, we are fortunate to have access to amazing, delicious red wines that are grown right in our own backyard. While these tasty reds are great all on their own, they also make an excellent base for Chef Adair’s Mulled Wine.

Watermark Beach Resort’s Chef Adair is sharing his Mulled Wine Recipe, so that our guests can experience a little taste of their Watermark holiday at home.

Mulled Wine Recipe

A Magical Mulled Wine from Chef Adair at Watermark

1 L Red Wine

1 tbsp Brown Sugar

6 Cloves

1 Cinnamon Stick

½ Fresh orange cut into thin half-moon slices

1 tbsp. fresh cranberries

Bring ingredients to a slight simmer for 5 minutes, or until brown sugar is fully incorporated. Reduce heat to low to keep your mulled wine warm. Enjoy!

Visit the Restaurant at Watermark to indulge in an incredible selection of Okanagan wines and enjoy Chef Adair’s delicious creations. Embracing the farm-to-table experience, Chef Adair and his team use fresh, local ingredients wherever possible to create dinners that showcase the best of the Okanagan region.