Watermark Staff Profile | Stuart Hart

Making Their (Water)Mark:
Stuart Hart, Director of Sales & Marketing

We’re happy to welcome Stuart Hart, our new Director of Sales & Marketing, to the Watermark family! Stuart joined Watermark in December 2019 to oversee our sales and marketing division.

In this new series, you’ll learn all about the incredible staff who make their (water)mark at the resort. Everyone on our team provides the highest level of skill and dedication for our guests, and we truly feel like a family. We can’t wait to introduce you to more amazing people who help create the magic at Watermark.

What path led you to Osoyoos & Watermark?

I’m originally from the UK (London, England) and have been in Canada for 23 years. I used to work for Thomson Holidays (UK) as an overseas rep and ski guide in the French Alps, and then worked in Banff, Alberta for nine more seasons. I became a Canadian resident and then a Canadian citizen.

Once I became a citizen, I decided to get a ‘proper’ job and went to work for Banff & Lake Louise Tourism. I stayed there for 17 years, most recently as Director of Business Development. After relocating to Calgary, Alberta in 2018, this job found me towards the end of last year. I was very impressed with the resort and the destination when I came down for an in-person interview last October and was very excited to start in this new role in December.

Many people don’t realize how much work goes on “behind the scenes” at Watermark. Tell us about your duties as Director of Sales & Marketing.

I oversee all marketing for Watermark, plus Travel Trade Sales [international guests] and Group Sales. Two people report to me: the Group Sales manager for Vancouver/Lower Mainland and the Wedding Sales coordinator.

We’re excited to have you! Clearly you’ve led an interesting life in some beautiful vacation destinations. Did your career in tourism lead you to particular interests or hobbies?

I am a keen snowboarder and skier in the wintertime. In the summer, I enjoy fly-fishing and cycling (both road and mountain). I’m also a big soccer and cricket fan, and I used to surf a lot between ski seasons. My motivators have always been sport, travel and the outdoors.

That must make Osoyoos a great place to live! Do you have pets that join you on your outdoor rambles?

I have a dog named Stan. He’s an Alaskan Husky/Irish Wolfhound mix. We rescued him five years ago from someone who was hoarding 200 dogs in Milk River in southern Alberta. I never had pets growing up in London and didn’t understand how people could love their pets so much. Now, I have (gladly) become one of those people.

We’re proud of our staff and excited at the opportunity to share more about them. If you’ve had a great experience with a team member, we’d love to hear about it! Nominate a staff member for our profile series and learn more about what makes them a special and valued member of the Watermark family.

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