3 Reasons to Try Stand Up Paddleboarding in Osoyoos!

In 2013, Stand Up Paddleboarding, a delightful combination of surfing and kayaking, was the fastest growing watersport in the world! In one year alone, paddleboard gear sales increased by 200% and in 2012, the sport had its own global championship. When you consider the various health and entertainment benefits, this surge in popularity comes as no surprise. Paddleboarding is not only fun and versatile, it’s also seriously good for your body!

SUP paddleboard Osoyoos

Learn the basics on the ground before you hit Osoyoos Lake!

Total Body Workout

Standing on a paddleboard requires balance and this balance requires a strong core and strong legs. Moving the paddleboard requires upper body strength as you guide the paddle through the water, propelling yourself forward. Essentially every muscle in your body is activated during a paddleboard session making it an excellent workout and a great way of staying fit during the hot summer months!

Paddleboarding is versatile

Unlike its predecessor surfing, paddleboarding can be done in any condition and many expert paddle boarders tackle white water rapids or large waves! However, the sport can also be enjoyed on the calm waters of rivers or on Osoyoos Lake.

Paddleboarding isn’t just for the super-fit though. While some are extreme athletes, the sport is also gaining momentum among those who desire a relaxing, impact-free and stimulating way to explore aquatic environments!

Paddleboarding offers perspective!

Because you’re standing when paddleboarding, the sport offers a new perspective. 3000 years ago, Peruvian tribes used an ancestor of the paddleboard, the ‘Caballitos De Totora’, to expertly fish their local streams and lakes. In the early 20th century, lifeguards in Tel Aviv also used paddleboards to keep a clear view of all swimmers. So, take a leaf out of our ancestor’s book, grab a paddleboard and head down to the lake to discover another side!

stand up paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is a fun, versatile, and illuminating experience for the whole family. If you’re interested in trying it out, rentals and lessons are now available at Watermark Beach Resort! With Osoyoos lake right outside, take advantage of this opportunity by booking a lesson and rental. Osoyoos Lake is touted as the warmest lake in Canada, so there’s no better place to try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding for the first time.

At Watermark Beach Resort in Osoyoos, stand up paddleboard rentals cost $30 per hour while a lesson, rental and a free smoothie from Juice Box Okanagan costs $65 an hour! Contact Kelsi, our Wellness Coordinator, at 250-689-6020 or email wellness@watermarkbeachresort.com to book your SUP session.

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