Join Family Movie Night at Watermark Beach Resort!

Families who are staying at Watermark on Tuesdays this July have received an extra special treat thanks to our team… Family Movie Night is the latest activity to be added to the vacation itinerary at our Osoyoos resort!

Nicole, our Catering and Events Manager, has worked with our new concierge team to bring awesome family movies to the Vineyard Ballroom here at Watermark Beach Resort. Just $5 per person gets you admission into our “theatre” for the evening’s movie, plus a bag of popcorn and a pop. For the grown-ups, we do have alcoholic beverages available for an additional cost, and both cash and credit card are accepted.

Family Movie Night at Watermark Beach Resort

We have some great movies lined up and there’s something for everyone, including the big kids!

Tuesday, July 21st

Time: 7:00 PM

Movie: Flubber

Rated: PG

Disney’s Flubber is a 1997 family classic starring the late Robin Williams as the absent-minded Professor Brainard. With the help of his assistant Weebo, Professor Brainard seeks to create a new source of energy. Having already missed his own wedding (twice!), Professor Brainard creates a new substance on the afternoon of his third wedding. The discovery looks like rubber but allows objects to fly through the air and is named “Flubber”.


Time: 9:30 PM

Movie: Back To The Future

Rated: PG

This beloved 1985 film stars a young Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, a typical American teenager. Marty is helping his friend, Dr. Emmet L. Brown when a time machine built within a Delorean sports car takes him back to the year 1955. Marty meets his young parents and works to help them meet so that he can go back to 1985.


Tuesday, July 28th

7:00 PM

The Incredibles

Rated: PG

The world’s greatest crime-fighting superheroes have gone into retirement and are living a (mostly) quiet life with the family in the suburbs when a new villain arrives on the scene. The Incredibles suit up and head back to a life of superhero stardom as they battle the new super-villain Syndrome.


9:30 PM

Jurassic Park

Rated: PG-13

Scientists extract prehistoric DNA from fossils and use it to create an island full of real dinosaurs. A mogul plans to turn the island into a theme park and invites four people, along with his two grandkids, for a special preview. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan and the journey becomes a race for survival as the dinosaurs escape and roam throughout the island.