Devour! Participants in the Spotlight: JON CROFTS

Guests at Devour! Osoyoos have the very good fortune to be able to taste the cuisine of Canada’s best kitchens in one of the country’s most stunning locales.

This year once again promises an incredible lineup of participating chefs. Devour! Osoyoos is so proud to showcase the talents of these industry leaders.

So much personality goes into the dishes every chef creates, but equally necessary are the very best ingredients. In the Okanagan Valley, we are blessed with incredible produce and farms that raise their livestock with thoughtful and sustainable practices. We’d like our Devour! guests to learn a little bit about the people behind the kitchens, too!

In the spotlight this week, we’d like to introduce Codfathers Seafood Market’s fishmonger, Jon Crofts.

Although it started on the shores of Nova Scotia, the Devour! Food Film Festival now has pop-up festivals all across the world. What makes the event such a success is the organizers’ ability to showcase the culinary best of each region. At Devour! Osoyoos, that means a lineup of the valley’s most talented chefs, culinarians, and food and film supporters.

Full disclosure, Jon Crofts is not a chef.

But Valley foodies know that they’d be lost in the desert without him. This beloved fishmonger, owner of Kelowna’s Codfathers Seafood Market, is the guy who brings the ocean to this little pocket of the world.

Jon and his wife Anne-Marie moved to Canada from England in 2002, and took over the Okanagan stalwart, Codfathers, shortly thereafter. Their enthusiasm for the Okanagan lifestyle, and their sincere desire to keep traditional fishmongering alive, has done wonders for revitalizing the farm (or, rather, “sea”)-to-table food culture of the Valley.

Jon’s knowledge of his craft is encylopaedic. His recipe suggestions cross all cultural borders, and appeal to every taste. He is passionate about supporting local fishermen and sustainable harvesters, as well as providing his customers with the freshest possible seafood. Jon sources his products from BC organizations such as the Okanagan Nations Alliance, OutLandish Shellfish Guild, and the Vancouver Aquarium’s OceanWise program, which, like him, are committed to replenishing local fish and shellfish populations so that our oceans and lakes can continue to be fruitful. Jon’s goal is to make a positive impact on his community. He loves to share his skills with culinary students and apprentice chefs, as well as his customers and his own young family, in order to ensure that sustainable practices once again become the norm.

Jon is an integral player in, and a strong supporter of, food and wine in the Okanagan. When it comes to procuring the best fish around, everyone at Watermark and Devour! Osoyoos is thrilled to be able to say, “Don’t worry, I’ve got a fish guy.”

We invite you to watch the master at work: Jon Crofts will be shucking his gorgeous oysters at the Devour! Osoyoos BBQ Reception at Watermark, on Friday, June 15th.

Tickets and special package rates for the Devour! Osoyoos festival are on now. Visit our Devour! page to book yours!