2017 Weather Update

With the warmest weather in Canada, it’s no secret that the Okanagan desert can get hot every summer. Watermark residents and guests take advantage of our beachfront location to beat the heat. As they do every summer, wildfires are still burning in BC, but crews are working diligently to control them, and the season continues to be beautiful here in Osoyoos. Our hearts go out to the BC communities that are currently affected by wildfires. We know that firefighting teams are doing everything possible to keep residents safe in those areas. Latest Update: July 20, 2017: The current conditions at

What’s Your Ing Thing?

Here at Watermark, we celebrate all the wonderful things we can do in the Land of Ing! And now that the Okanagan sunshine is heralding spring and summer things to come, we want to share the best golfing and watersporting things we do in the South Okanagan. Watersporting in Osoyoos Lake Osoyoos is the warmest lake in Canada, so if you are longing for an early start to summer fun, why not visit Watermark for a weekend playing on the water. Whether you like the thrill of sailing with the wind or a relaxed and peaceful time on the water

Devour – Our Partners in Pleasure

  Devour: to engulf, absorb unreservedly, to swallow and wallow in, with abandon, to consume voraciously, ravenously. Yes, yes, and yes. When you attend the annual epicurean event of the Okanagan, you’ll understand what we mean. The Devour Festival celebrates the talents of Canada’s top chefs, winemakers, and food producers and pairs their culinary creations with top food-themed short films. The weekend is a celebration of top quality produce lovingly and creatively prepared by talented chefs, inspired by the talented filmmakers, and paired with the finest local wines.  Friday May 5th – Launch Party The festival kicks off Friday, May 5th

Okanagan’s Finest Craft Beer at Oyster Fest

The 2017 Osoyoos Oyster Festival takes place on the weekend of April 19th – 23rd, and while this fest-feast positions Osoyoos and the South Okanagan as a premier Oyster destination, attendees will be delighted with the addition of the Okanagan’s finest craft beers.     The craft brew scene is where the craft gets creative. A range of stellar beers will be available at this year’s Osoyoos Oyster Fest, as the local breweries kick off this weekend’s festivities at the Beach, Barbeque and Beers festival. Informal and fun, this evening takes place at the Watermark Beach Resort. Spend the evening

Osoyoos Oyster Fest – A Spring Feast

Spring and oysters go together like love and marriage. Spring is all about new life, fresh energy, and rejuvenation, and what could taste more like spring than an ocean fresh elixir: the oyster. And after eating an oyster – don’t you just feel rejuvenated. And no wonder, the nutritional benefits of oysters are well known. Not only are they low fat, high protein, and full of copper, zinc, selenium, iron and the elusive vitamin B12, but as we most fortunately know, they are also aphrodisiacs. Venus herself may have created this creature to provide us with a wonderful source of

What’s New and Things to Do at Watermark Beach Resort

1 | Wellness Coordinator Ensures a Healthy Stay Watermark’s health and wellness coordinator, Kelsi Bissonnette, brings a holistic approach to fitness that caters to mind, body and soul to ensure guests are relaxed and rejuvenated during and after their stay. Kelsi has led Pilates and group workout classes for more than two decades, and for five years owned and operated Breathe Studio in Osoyoos – making her the perfect person to oversee the 25 various classes on offer at Watermark. From beach yoga in the summer to meditation, Pilates and group fitness lessons that incorporate TRX, Step & Sculpt and

Snowshoe to A New You

If you’re looking to hold onto winter just a little bit longer, heading to the hills to snowshoe is an excellent way to explore our unique ecosystem, burn some calories and feel invigorated from your outdoor pursuits. Here in the South Okanagan, many of our residents, snowbirds and visitors are enjoying the snowshoe trails at Baldy Mountain Resort. With that in mind, we invite you to use the benefits of snowshoeing as an excuse to enjoy our resort, the great outdoors, the wines of the South Okanagan and some yoga. It’s an entire weekend designed to improve your wellness. Yoga