South Okanagan Eco Tours: Your Next Adventure Awaits


Osoyoos lies amidst Canada’s only desert. A variety of eco-adventure tours are offered within the South Okanagan, providing visitors the opportunity to learn about, view and immerse themselves in an eco-zone that cannot be found anywhere else in Canada. The beauty of the desert is a magnificent backdrop to the local ecosystem. When you visit Osoyoos, you are lucky to experience an oasis unlike any other.

This area hosts one of the largest concentrations of species at risk in Canada; over 100 rare plants and animals and over 300 rare invertebrates. As the only desert in Canada, the indigenous plants and animals of the areas are found nowhere else in Canada. The “Osoyoos Arid Biotic Zone” is a continuation of the Sonora Life Zone and extends from Mexico north, right into the Okanagan Valley.

Hiking & Biking
Osoyoos has a number of fantastic hiking and biking trails for you to enjoy. Weather it is a climb through the mountains, peaceful walk along the canal or river or through the many orchards surrounding the valley, there is a path that suites every age and every skill level. For any exploration of the area, be mindful that there are natural hazards in an outdoor environment: be cautious and know your limitations.

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Great Horned Owl Eco-Tours – Birding * Nature Photography * Hiking * Adventure
Whether you join us for a full day or a few hours our guides will take you to sites full of interest at the best time of day. Their knowledge of the habitats of the fauna will help you experience the magical moments often provided by nature.

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Horseback Riding – Trail Riding
Open all year round, Satary Stables offer a fantastic array of activities for the entire family. From Arena Riding, Pony Rides, Wagon Rides and Trial Riding, there is something for everyone.

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Adventure awaits around every turn.

Spotted Lake

Known as Kliluk to the Indian Band, this lake is sacred and can easily be viewed from hwy 3, eight kms west of Osoyoos.

Each of the 365 rings is believed to have a different healing power. Spotted Lake has one of the worlds highest concentration of minerals; calcium, magnesium and sodium sulphates. In the summer heat, the lake dries out, forming colourful mud circles.

Agri Tourism
Osoyoos bears fruit earlier than anywhere else in Canada. It all begins with the gorgeous apricot tree blossoms in April, followed by the pink and white flowers of the cherry, peach, pear and apple. The beautiful fragrance infuses the entire town!

Fruit harvest generally begins the last week of June beginning with cherries and continues into late summer. Locally grown, fresh peppers, asparagus, cucumbers and herbs make it easy to “eat your vegetables.” Delicious tree ripened fruit and organic vegetables abound!

Stop and shop at one of the numerous road side fruit and vegetable stands, meet the local farmers and orchardists or pick your own! Orchard tours are available for those seeking more information about Osoyoos orchards and their harvest.

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