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Welcome to Breathe Studio - We are a full service yoga, pilates and spin studio located in Watermark Beach Resort. We offer a large variety of classes to suit all fitness levels and sell quality yoga clothing and accessories. We have over 18 years fitness experience and all of our instructors are fully certified and provide safe, effective classes. Come unwind in a relaxing and restorative yoga session or sweat and release tension in a spin bootcamp. We welcome every 'body' to breathe!

Please click here to review the class schedule, class descriptions and instructor bios and book your spot now, as space is limited. We look forward to helping you soon with your wellness goals.

Private and Semi private yoga, pilates or spin sessions available by appointment. Please call 250-495-2072 today!

Power Plate Training

Here are just a few of the class styles offered a Breathe Studio

Flow Yoga - Level 1 - Classic Hatha flow of the seated, standing, twisting & balancing postures that will leave you feeling alive, centered and energized. Variations are offered to provide a challenging session for advanced Hatha practices.

Vinyasa Yoga - Level 1-2 - specifically concentrating on breath, posture, alignment & flow, we will move through slow sun salutations to increase mobility and warm the major muscles, then move to a flow that incorporates the classic standing postures; warriors, side angle, triangle & balancing postures and then work on back, hips, arms, shoulders & the stomach. We will hold postures for up to 3 minutes to really work the muscles & tissues and allow time for quiet meditation in every posture.

Core Pilates For Men & Women - Level 1-2  - A stretch, core class to improve flexibility and muscle strength. Perfect for the golfer! Foam Rolls, Bosu Balls and Bands used as props to enhance the class

Cardio+Pilates - A 30minute cardio workout for calorie burning and endurance. Followed by a 30min focus on the core muscles and pilates. Lengthen, strengthen and improve your posture and body awareness.

Spin N Core - Level 1-2 - Cardio blast of spinning to burn calories and improve endurance. Followed by core pilates with props to improve flexibility, posture and strength.

Spin Bootcamp - Level 2-3 - An intense cardio class of spinning to burn calories, and improve endurance. Followed by muscle training bootcamp style. Bring a few towels and prepare to sweat!

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Instructor: Kelsi Bissonnette        Telephone # 250.495.2072        Email: bliss-pilates@hotmail.com



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