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Watermark Beach Resort's Illumination Spa and newly opened hair salon.

The creation of Illumination, a vegan and organic spa, was inspired by the element of fire from our own beautiful sun. The element of fire represents creation, passion and warmth. Illumination Spa is inspired to create that very experience for all of its customers as it exceeds your expectations and offers the best of the best in spa services in the sunny Okanagan Valley.

Our full service day spa offers treatments designed to take you beyond pampering and beneath the surface to a place of connection and complete surrender.  Each treatment is designed to restore balance and harmonize energies, which leads our guests on a journey through their mind, body and spirit. In our east meets west spa we utilize the best of both worlds. Bringing ancient eastern treatments and products based on a fundamental "Back to Nature" concept, which is reflected in the abundance of our organic vegan ingredients and the technology of the west for your convenience in booking and creating a greener eco-friendly world.  Our treatments are designed to relax you from head to toe, whether your favourite spa experience is massage, facials, pedicures or other body treatments we have a wide range of esthetic and body work services to suit your relaxation needs.

We deal with each customer with a high level of respect, integrity and treat each customer like they are the most special person who has walked through our doors. Understanding and an experienced well trained staff is what ensures that each guest that walks through our doors receives their very own personalized treatments and that every encounter is devoted to deeper relaxation and absolute bliss


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It's all about experience.


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