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Located at the northern most point of the Great Basin Desert, and at the southern end of the Okanagan Valley, Oliver (population: 4,370) encompasses desert land, lakes, mountains, and renowned vineyards and orchards. Visitors come to experience an exquisite array of local colour, flavour and natural splendour.

Wine connoisseurs come to taste Oliver's medal-winning wines, giving the town a well-earned reputation as the "Wine Capital of Canada." You can follow the town's "Golden Mile" and Black Sage Bench to some 21 wineries, sampling palate-pleasing wines all within a 20-km (12 mile) distance. Oliver celebrates the seasons in style. Visitors can attend popular events such as the Festival of the Grape and the April Wine Festival.

For those on the go, Oliver has wide-open or secluded spots for cycling, paddling, swimming, golfing, hiking and biking. You can see hundreds of bird species, and spot wildlife from California bighorn sheep to Northwestern Pacific Rattlesnakes.

For more information visit www.oliver.ca


This peaceful community in the south Similkameen Valley was named for R.L. Cawston, a pioneer rancher and magistrate who settled in the area in the 1800's. Nearby was the site of the original Hudson's Bay Company store.

Today Cawston is a bustling agricultural center of approximately 900 people. The town boasts two fruit packing plants, the newest being built strictly for organic produce - a fast-growing segment of the area's agricultural economy. The rural nature of this community has also made it a popular home to horse ranches, hobby farms, nature enthusiasts and the like. There are many hiking trails in the area covering just about every terrain possible, from cactus and sagebrush desert to sub-alpine meadows.


Keremeos derives its name from the Indian word keremeyeus, meaning "creek which cuts its way through the flats" or (as local legend claims) "the meeting of the winds". Anyone who has visited Keremeos on a windy day will agree with the latter translation, so be sure to hold onto your hat!

With beautiful K Mountain as a backdrop, Keremeos, BC is a friendly community, who's "Wild West" looks and charm date back to 1909 when the postmaster of the now-abandoned community of Upper Keremeos, Mr. George Kirby, purchased land alongside the Similkameen River in anticipation of the V.V. & E. Railway passing through the area. He was right and other businesses soon followed. Keremeos was officially incorporated in 1956 and is now one of the fastest growing communities in British Columbia. Despite that growth, both the Village and the valley have retained their charm.

Keremeos is known far and wide as the best place in British Columbia to buy fruit and vegetables from the many fruit stands lining the routes in and out of town or directly from the farm. All sorts of soft fruits and vegetables are grown in the South Similkameen's warm climate and vineyards and wineries are quickly being added as the Valley's superior wine-growing potential is being recognized.

For more information visit http://www.keremeos.ca/

Okanagan Falls

Located on the southern end of Skaha Lake in the Okanagan Valley, and known locally as OK Falls, the little community of Okanagan Falls was originally known as Dogtown, from the Okanagan First Nations word Skaha, meaning dog, after which the nearby Skaha Lake was named.

Okanagan Falls was named after small twin waterfalls that were once part of a scenic natural landscape located at the southern end of Skaha Lake where it emptied into the Okanagan River. The falls were reduced to a series of gentle rapids in the 1950s with the construction of a flood control dam to control the level of water flowing south in the Okanagan River.

Okanagan Falls is a charming little town best visited for its tasty pleasures: It is home to the largest ice-cream cone seller in the valley, Tickleberry's; and two prestigious wineries, Wild Goose Vineyards and Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards (formerly LeComte Estate Winery). The community of Okanagan Falls was founded on agriculture, and today provides fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious dried fruits and award winning wines.

for more information visit www.okfalls.ca.

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