Winter Fun In Osoyoos

Everyone knows how much fun it is to be in Osoyoos in the summer time.  People have been travelling great distances to play in our lake (the warmest lake in Canada!), enjoy our wines, golf and just generally soak up the desert sunshine for many decades now.  As a matter of fact, I always find it very fascinating how much history many of our visitors have with the town of Osoyoos even thought they don't live here year round.  This is the kind of place that, over the course of generations, becomes a family tradition all to itself.  On the flip side, not very much thought is given to what a wonderful destination Osoyoos is in the winter season. 

The pace in Osoyoos slows down a little bit in the winter, which means visitors can truly relax and enjoy the small town that this place is at it's core.  Just ask one of the many Snowbirds that make Osoyoos their winter home to get away from the harsh winters of eastern Canada and the prairie provinces.  They treasure the fact that they can see faces that they have come to know year after year greeting them at the local grocery store, the library, the bowling alley and the hardware store.  They can still enjoy a small town experience without having to shovel snow all winter long.

There is plenty to do here in Osoyoos over the winter for the outdoor minded individual as well.  Even though we don't get a great deal of snow accumulation in the valley bottom in the winter, the mountains that soar above us get their fair share.  The downhill skiing here is fantastic!  Mt. Baldy ( is the kind of small ski area that is rapidly becoming extinct throughout North America and it's a mere 40 minute drive from town.  There is no fancy snow making equipment, and no "shopping district".  The "night life" is the bar in the top floor of the lodge (which is fun, and sometimes weird, but in a good way).  The focus is on the white stuff; most particularly the "Champagne Powder" that is such a gift from the heavens.  There is a magic carpet for the rookies, a full rental shop and ski school that can set you up for any of the outdoor, snow-bound activities that you desire, a double chair to one peak and a quad chair to another peak.  There are cross country trails to take advantage of as well.  If you're a walker, give snowshoing a try.  Mt. Baldy has a trail system tailored to that manner of travel and there is a wide variety of wildlife out and about in the winter for you to sneak up on, so don't forget your camera.  The hill itself is teeming with rabbits, so you can see lynx, bobcat and even wolves on the prowl! 

When you return from your outdoor adventures in the bracing cold, the Wine Bar at Watermark is open for dinner five nights a week.  Chef Natasha's elevated comfort fare, paired with a couple of our signature cocktails, is the perfect way to warm up after a long day of playing in the snow.  One thing is for sure; there is no better way to get a great night's sleep.

If outdoor sports are not your cup of tea, there are a number of other ways to amuse yourself when you visit.  Illumination Spa, within the hotel, is a fully organic, mostly Vegan spa experience that offers a complete range of services to enjoy.  Breathe Studio offers a range of yoga, pilates and spinning classes right in the resort.  Check out their website at for a complete class schedule.  The Osoyoos Art Gallery is two blocks away from the hotel and showcases an ever changing range of local artists.  The Osoyoos Model Railroad is an escape into a miniature wonderland that will amaze and delight all ages. 

Osoyoos is a wonderful place to get away from it all, no matter the season.  Take advantage of a mini break to relax, restore and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

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